Elnetworks Ltd. in 2023:


Each of us is responsible not only for the society today, but also for the basic values of future generations. Elnetworks Ltd. as a responsible and reliable company, adheres to the principles of sustainability in its operations. The company has set the following goals:

parallax background
parallax background

The strategic goal of Elnetworks Ltd. is the maintenance of sustainable and growth-oriented economic activity.

In order to achieve its goals, the company has implemented:

and family friendly company system.

The company has also developed and implemented sustainability principles:

Economic activity

  • Service quality principles;
  • Customer service principles;
  • Principles of compliance with competition and fair commercial practices;
  • Environment protection policy.

Company finance and management

  • Principles of corruption prevention;
  • Trade secret.

Employees and the surrounding community

  • Diversity management principles;
  • Corporate social responsibility;
  • Code of Ethics;
  • Employee performance evaluation and staff development discussions;
  • Internal alarm procedure;
  • Information security policy.

Corporate social responsibility

Elnetworks Ltd. is a socially responsible company, which mainly operates in Liepāja and its surroundings. The most important values of our company are a safe working environment, sustainable and environmentally safe electrical power supply solutions, a professional and united team, therefore:

Elnetworks Ltd. supports:

  • Events to support employees and their families;
  • Initiatives aiming at public education and development;
  • Initiatives aiming at educating young people in energy, including practical skill development;
  • Measures for health, safety and environmental protection;
  • Various cultural events.

Elnetworks Ltd. does not support:

  • Activities with vaguely formulated principles or dubious public importance;
  • Activities oriented towards selfish, mercantile interests;
  • Activities of religious and political content, as well as activities that can be associated with such content;
  • Projects promoting gambling, alcohol and tobacco use.

Application procedure:

Please send applications for support, sponsorship or other types of assistance to the e-mail address: info@elnetworks.lv, indicating what type of assistance and support is needed, as well as some information about the project to be implemented and contact information.

Raising the alarm

The purpose of raising the alarm is to prevent cases of fraud or dishonest behavior, or violations of regulatory acts in Elnetworks Ltd. In order to ensure the transparency, reliability and good reputation of the Company's operation, every Employee of the Company has the right to raise an alarm about any possible violation.

A private person has the right to raise an alarm in particular about the following possible violations:

  • Inaction, negligence or abuse of an official position by officials;
  • Corruption;
  • Waste of funds or property;
  • Tax evasion;
  • Threat to environmental safety or public health;
  • Occupational safety hazard;
  • Construction safety hazard;
  • Violations in the field of public procurement;
  • Violations of human rights;
  • Violations of competition law and other cases.

The following are not recognized as raising the alarm:

  • Knowingly providing false or unfounded information;
  • Reporting only on infringement of personal interests;
  • Any action motivated by personal grievance, personal conflict or personal gain.

A report or submission of raising the alarm with the indication "Report of raising the alarm" should be submitted to Elnetworks Ltd.:

  • By sending it to the e-mail address info@elnetworks.lv
  • By reporting it orally to the office administrator (phone No. 63483400)