Elnetworks Ltd. was established in 2011.

The main work of the company is the construction and design of electrical power supply. We ensure the implementation of projects from the development of the technical project to the installation of communications.

To ensure the high quality of our work, Elnetworks Ltd. has implemented Environmental Management (ISO14001:2015), Quality Management (ISO9001:2015) and Occupational Health and Safety (ISO45001:2015) systems.

Mission. Vision. Values.

Goal and strategy

Elnetworks Ltd. goals

  • Take one of the leading positions in the Latvian market in the electrical power supply and design sector;
  • Increase the use of alternative energy in Latvia;
  • Use sustainable and environmentally friendly solutions in the completed projects;
  • Provide a family-friendly workplace for employees.

Strategy of Elnetworks Ltd.

The strategic goal is the maintenance of sustainable and growth-oriented economic activity. The following strategies have been defined to achieve sustainability and growth: