In 2022, Elnetworks Ltd acquired the status - "Family-friendly company".

In order to encourage all types of employers to care about their employees' ability to harmonize their private, family and professional work lives, since 2020 , the Society Integration Fund has started to develop and implement the "Family Friendly Workplace" program.

One of the values of the company is a professional and united team. A united team is one of the tools to ensure the sustainable operation of the organization.

The most visible benefits


Higher employee loyalty


Lower employee turnover and associated costs


Greater employee engagement and productivity


In the long term - a better reputation of the employer and easier attraction of employees

Project for children of company employees: Kitchen and electricity in our everyday life.

''Family-friendly workplace" for participants in 2022 a grant competition was announced for the first time. The competition was organized by the Society Integration Fund within the framework of the "Family Friendly Workplace" program funded by the Latvian state budget. Elnetworks Ltd. was 1 of 17 employers who could implement their submitted initiative in this competition. #FamilyFriendly #SIFSupports Families #SIF_APlaceForFamily #APlaceForFamily

Since statistical data show that the number of electric injuries has been increasing in recent years, in order to remind children about electrical safety when starting school (kindergarten), creative workshops were organized for children of employees. When school starts again, children have to stay at home alone, so that the children learn to cook for themselves safely, they were told not only about electrical safety in the kitchen, but also about work protection when working in the kitchen, and they were also reminded about the importance of healthy nutrition and sports in everyday life. both for safety when hiking

The project was implemented from 22.08.2022. - 24.08.2022. and during the autumn holidays from 24.10.2022. - 28.10.2022.

Labor protection


Labor protection specialist Mārtiņš Rupeiks from LIVA MC Ltd., which provides labor protection services, visited the children. The specialist told the children about work safety in the kitchen, where and how to seek help in case of an accident. Children were also trained to use a fire extinguisher.

Electrical safety


Electrical engineer Arno Iesalnieks, who is an employee of Elnetworks Ltd., visited the children. The specialist told the children about electrical safety in the kitchen. Children were shown the "power of electricity" in the form of experiments.

Prepare the meal ourselves


Dzintra Betlere, head of the methodical commission for catering and hospitality of the Liepāja State Technical University/culinary expert, visited the children. The specialist not only told how to prepare a meal safely, but also prepared various dishes together with the children.

A healthy diet


Nutrition specialist Līga Jaunzema visited the children. The specialist, dressed as Pippy Longstocking, told the children about the basic principles of a healthy nutrition and together they created nutrition pyramids.

Fitness in our everyday lives


The children visited the choreographer Dina Bruže in the dance studio 'Extra'. The specialist conducted an anti-gravity class and physical fitness training for the children.

Electricity all around us


The children visited the Liepāja Science and Innovation Center. The Liepāja Science and Innovation Center offered its own program. First, the children visited the Nature House, where a specialist told where electricity can be found in nature. Then there was a science theater where children could watch various physical experiments. At the end was the children's creative activity.

Digital devices


Mārtiņš Neitāls, a graphic designer from the Liepāja School of Design and Art, visited the children. The specialist showed the children various digital tools and created phone screen wallpapers together. Also, the specialist shared various interesting "tricks" on how to make a booklet.

Also on this day, the instructor of the youth guards of the 1st district administration of the Youth Guard Center, senior sergeant Ģirts Skanis, visited the children. The specialist told the children about safety measures when hiking, about the principles of safe lighting fires. The children could also cook sausages in the campfire.

Conclusion - art and recreation


The final day of creative activities. Maija from the Art Passage - Radi, visited the children. Children were introduced to the world of art. Placemats were made together. The costs of this activity were paid by Elnetworks Ltd.

After the creative activity, "Elektriņš" came to visit the children. Together with the animator, the children relaxed, shared their impressions of the time spent together.

The end result was a useful booklet of insights.

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In order to ensure the cohesion of the company and families being together, the company organizes an activity every year for the company's employees and their families. 2022. it was sports games.