Development of electrical power supply projects

The Elnetworks Ltd. design team can offer you a wide range of electrical power supply network design services, which include such main sections as:

  • Internal wiring design works, including 3D. A lot of experience in industrial power supply solutions in production plants as well as in public buildings and commercial buildings;
  • Designing of external power supply networks up to 20kV (cable lines, overhead lines - bare wire and insulated wire solutions). We carry out both the development of network reconstruction projects and the development of new connection projects;
  • Designing high-voltage networks for 110kV and 330kV voltage - including both cable lines and overhead lines, as well as substation design works;
  • Solar panel park design works - mainly industrial park projects, but we also develop small projects.

Electrical power supply / electrical installation

Elnetworks Ltd. team offers:

  • Electrical power supply (external networks) - construction and assembly of low- and medium-voltage overhead power lines and cable lines, construction and assembly of external lighting systems, construction of power supply connections, construction and assembly of lightning protection and surge protection systems;
  • Electrical installation (Internal networks) – construction, maintenance and assembly of electrical installations of all types of buildings;
  • Automation and digitization of processes - we perform automation of power supply and various equipment processes using various (for example, "Siemens" ABB, Schneider-Electric) programmable logic controllers. We offer our customers programming, assembly and adjustment, as well as updating existing automation processes;
  • Solar energy - We provide a full range of services for the installation of solar panels - project development, construction and commissioning. We also offer maintenance of solar parks. We provide the service to both legal and private persons;
  • Installation, service and repair works of electric car charging stations.

Electrotechnical measurements

  • We perform insulation and grounding resistance measurements. We develop documentation in accordance with the regulations of the Cabinet of Ministers. We carry out insulation and grounding measurements of the internal electrical power supply network of production buildings, public buildings and households, as well as lightning protection resistance measurements;
  • An electricity audit is carried out with the aim of identifying possible measures to reduce electricity consumption. During the audit, electricity consumption measurements, lighting level measurements, data analysis, preparation of possible measures (recommendations) to reduce electricity consumption are carried out.